A shelf that can be built up as easily as children have a beaded chain. The almost naive construction looks like accurately stacked blocks. The selected material cross sections create a clear appearance. To build up the shelf, the upper  is board is laid upside down on the floor. At each corner there is a sleeve into which a threaded rod is rotated. Now the spars and shelves can simply be "threaded" one after the other. This process is repeated until the desired height is reached. After the last board, the entire "package" is tightened with a screw nut. A large knurled nut is screwed onto the protruding threaded rod as an adjusting foot - turn around - finished. Unevenness in the subsoil can be compensated with the positioning feet. The shelf is available in 3 widths, 900 mm, 1300 mm and 2000 mm. The height corresponds to the selected number of shelves. If you want to extend the shelf later, you only need a set of additional spars, shelf boards and corresponding threaded rods.


Year: 2016

Pictures: David Arzt